10 Cool Places to Go to On Your First Date

fair-540126_640So you’ve met your first date after signing up to and reading this match.com review, and what now you are wondering what you will do and where to go. First dates can be pretty scary. You can feel the pressure to impress the other person and be able to win his or her heart. There are many things that can happen in your first date. Being able to have an enjoyable experience on your first date can ensure that he or she will go for a second, third and more dates in the future.

One of the most important factors in a date is the location. This is the backdrop of the whole date. If you go to a place that does not suit you, then the date may not be as great as it should be. Here are the ten best places to have a date.

A Theme Park

A theme park is a good place to go to on a first date because it has so much to offer. You can have so much fun together. Normally on first dates you feel nervous and agitated but here you can scream out your scared heart and then release the tension. You can both relieve the beauty of your childhood in a theme park. There are so many activities you can do here, from eating cotton candy to riding a mega roller coaster. This date would be an instant hit because it would be very memorable.

AirSoft / Laser Tag Place

OK you may say this is a bit extreme but it does bring out adrenaline. If you both feel that excitement, it gives you instant connection. Going on a shooting game would be cool because it draws out a bit of competitive spirit.

Volunteer Foundations and Soup Kitchens

If you both have a soft heart, then this would be a nice place to go to. Another thing is you can judge a person’s character by the way he or she handles people who may seem less fortunate than he or she is. Sharing a kind experience really makes you bond together.

An Eat All You Can Buffet

Well most people would like to pretend when they go on a first date, but trying to sample different kinds of food would be fun. It does not mean that you have to pig out like there is no tomorrow on your date, all it means is that sharing a cool meal with someone can make a nice and interesting date. This sort of get together can allow you to taste different kinds of food and giving your comments about it. And what could be better than sharing the gift of food?


This would be a great date idea for those science enthusiasts at heart. Going to the planetarium is very romantic and is not geeky at all. You can both look at your favorite stars and spot them in the “sky”.

Riding a Local Ferry

Being on the water is such a romantic factor. Even if you are in the city, there is a probably a nearby body of water where you can catch the afternoon ferry. You can both watch the sun as it goes down in the horizon.

Dining in the Dark Restaurants or Any Weird Restaurants

This would be cool because it is a novel concept that both of you can enjoy. It may be a bit daunting to eat in a totally dark place but it would be fun to let your guard down and not to be totally conscious about the way you look. On the other hand restaurants which offer exotic or weird food can be fun too if you’re both up for it.

Art or Cooking Classes

Finger painting has been proved to fight stress. Sharing an artistic thing can be really enjoyable. It brings that side of you that believes in all things beautiful. Art can make you feel relaxed, happy and energetic and sharing that vibe would make you bond more. Cooking on the other hand is a fun way to enjoy each other’s company. In a cooking class, you can see how well each other can handle the “heat” so to speak. You can even try remaking the food you cooked in class at home, together.

Nearby Garden

Seeing nature makes people feel relaxed. Some local gardens offer you the experience of picking fruits and vegetables and even cooking them up for you. You can also see some butterflies in these places. Communing with nature can be a nice way to get to know someone. You can see right away if the person is superficial once you guys start getting your hands dirty as you go through the produce and flowers.

Rooftop of Building


Yes this may sound a bit daunting but it is very romantic. Setting up a nice scene with a candlelit dinner on the top of the roof of even your apartment building can be a total thumbs up for you. Women really dig this thing. On the other hand, if you are the lady inviting the man, you can lay some blankets and pillows and then you bring a portable DVD player or laptop so that you can watch a nice movie with the guy. I mean it may seem too much but if you want to impress, then by all means do this!

Easy stuff

Well if ever you do get scared of trying these ten things I have mentioned, there is always the other reliable two places you can go to: the park and the cinema. This places can be a favorite go to place for dates but they still work well in bringing people together.


Parks are not boring, they can be fun places too. You can both go for a jog there. You can also set up a picnic. If you both love dogs, why not bring your furry friends along? It would be really nice and interesting date to be able to just be yourselves. One of my favorite things to do in a park is flying kites. This really brings out the kid in you.


This is the number one classic date place. But don’t discount it yet just because a lot of people have done it already. Going to a movie both of you can enjoy can allow you to have something to talk about after. If it is an action movie then both of you can be thrilled, if it is a comedy then laughter really takes off the edge and nervousness.