10 Kinds of Women You Will Date

10 Types of WomenOh yeah women. You can’t live with them, you can’t live without them. They are the wonderful, beautiful, feminine and sometimes crazy species that men love. Women have always help a special place in the universe, much like the stars and the planets. They wield a special power that is both great yet gentle. And yes women can be sometimes strange. There are so many bits and pieces that work together in their mechanisms that they are just simply amazing.

So here I have taken the liberty of laying down a few types of women that you will see out there. Though I am not really into quantifying and qualifying people into groups, I would like to help you out and share with you the types of women out there.

The Princess

She loves the color pink or purple. She is dainty and sweet and yet she can be downright bossy at times. She is a perfectionist. The princess is the type of girl who does not want to be let down. She is everybody’s favorite, yet a lot of times everybody hates her a bit

If you date this girl, prepare a bit of romance; she is likely to fall for you if you do the grand gesture. She loves flowers, romantic movies, pets and all out cuteness. She can be really sweet, but the down side is that princesses can also be demanding. Yet the Princess can be a damsel in distress, she would like you to rescue her.

The Queen

Don’t mistake the Queen for being a Princess. The Queen is a totally different woman. A Queen is a woman who is on the top of her game. She can run the world and then some. She is beautiful and classy yet knows what she wants. Sometimes she can be manipulative and controlling so that she can get her way. But a Queen is a Queen. She does not take nonsense from people around her. She can be loving and kind too, but don’t mistake that for weakness.

If you are lucky to date a Queen, be prepared. She does not like to be dominated upon especially if she is the Queen of Hearts type. Sometimes Queens are a little difficult to deal with because they know that they are always right.

The Artist

She is the girl who loves art, writing, painting, music or whatever art form she is fascinated with. The Artist is the girl who does not care if her hands get dirty for the sake of her art. She loves coffee or tea. Sometimes she listens to weird music. The Artist kind of woman wants a man who she can be inspired with. She can either like you because you are so damaged and she thinks you such a tragic tale or she may have high ideals much like a fictional character she writes about. You would usually see her in not so usual clothes.

If you get to date an Artist, be open minded. Sometimes she wants to be alone to do her art, yet sometimes she wants to be beside you all the time. The Artist can have a roller coaster of emotions too. She is not your average girl.

Career Woman/Lioness

This woman is a huntress. She keeps her eyes on the price. If you get to date her sometimes she can be intimidating. She loves her job. She has a great job that she loves and is on the top of her game or is working hard to get there. Sometimes you feel that she does not give you enough attention because she is too focused on her job. She is never after your money though, because she knows she can work for herself and make money for the stuff that she needs. This woman does not mind splitting the bill because she knows how hard it is to earn cash. The great thing about this girl is that she won’t question you for working hard because she is works hard too. She won’t be too demanding at that too. This type of lady though can sometimes be distracted easily by her work too. She can be on her phone at times calling people, but if she thinks that you are worthy of her time then she can put those down.


She is the woman that you bring home to your parents and your mother just beams at her. She is the sort of woman who loves cooking and taking care of people. No don’t mistake her for a nanny or housekeeper material, she is not that. She is a woman who despite all her other stuff, takes time to care for you. She will give you massages when your body hurts, she will cook your favorite food.

When you begin dating this lady you can see that she is a Nurturer because she asks about your day and intently listens to your stories. She likes picnics and does not mind getting her hands dirty too. She like volunteer work. If you get lucky to date this girl, don’t let her go. She may look a bit plain at times and not to glam but she is the kind of woman that is for keeps.

Tough Chick

10 Types of women

As the title goes, this lady is one tough cookie. She may have a rough exterior but is still a lady inside. She likes cars and she believes in the feminine power. She thinks that women are equals of men. Sometimes it is hard to get into an argument with this girl because she knows her battles and won’t stand down for them.

This girl is a girl you bring with your buddies, she can surf, ride a bike, drive and drink a beer and still be oh so pretty. She is no damsel in distress. She loves active sports or loves power. You talk to her about cars and computers but she won’t get bored.


Now, now be careful with this type of girl. She will break your heart into pieces. The Vixen knows all her assets and is not afraid to use it. She can charm her way into anything. She can look innocent and sweet but she can be very manipulative. The Vixen has a special sex appeal that every man wants. This lady can be cunning and smart. It would difficult to tame her. She is not interested to be someone’s housewife. If you date this girl, you must bring your A-game, otherwise you will just lose. You must a completely irresistible man for her to put her full attention on you. If you get to tame a Vixen then you must keep her interested, otherwise if she get bored she might just leave.

Train Wreck

Now this lady you have to stay away from. She either throws sob stories about her childhood or her exes when you go out on dates. She probably is a broke as hell but still shops like Paris Hilton. She has many drunken stories to tell. She may have also slept with so many guys she lost count (though I don’t really think that is the bad part but the part where she does it to boost her confidence). At first she may be nice and sweet, but she may be desperate and cloying in the end. If you get into a real relationship with her, she will pull you down with all her baggage. She will nag, scream and cry to get your attention.

Rainbow Bright

Yes, yes rainbows are nice but not all the time. This girl has a very positive outlook in life. She probably goes to church a lot or helps in charities too. She is a very positive person but sometimes it gets to you because she hate pessimism. This girl only melds with male version of Rainbow Bright. If you rant to her, she will give you a pep talk to pull you back up.

When you guys go out on dates, she is constantly smiling. She never seems to complain about anything. She is easy to please. But this may be the cause of you getting bored of her.

The Conclusion

There are literally tons of women out there. Knowing which one you would like to date would help you stay away from the psycho ones. There are real gems there in the rough. Don’t be fooled appearances, for beauty is in… Say what?! Again it’s your choice. Don’t let the society tell you otherwise.