10 Things You Can Do to Make a Guy Fall in Love with You

10 Things You Can Do to Make a Guy Fall in Love with YouMen can get mushy too. They may act and look tough but deep down inside they do want to be loved and cared for. They want a lady who can show them how it feels to be special and taken cared of. Most men may have a really strong façade and try to show the world that they are tough and care less about the “L” word; but deep down inside just want to find a person who can make them smile despite their busy day.

Unlike women, men are not that emotional. If ever they are they try hard not to show it. This means that they find it more difficult to admit that they are in love with someone or at times use logic to understand their emotions rather than their heart. Being logical creatures, they will try to find out if a relationship is beneficial for them or not. Even if a guy likes you, it does not mean that he is likely to fall in love with you. Men can totally differentiate love and sex from one another like the North and the South Poles of Earth.

So how do you make a guy fall for you? Simple you make him feel that you are important to him and that you indispensable. But how do you do this? That is the question. Many women struggle to make a guy fall for her but the secret is simple, so I have dished out ten simple ways to make a guy fall in love with you.

1. Don’t act like his mother – Moms are great, men specially put a special place for their moms in their hearts. You can never compete with this woman in his heart. She is the top dog of all the women in his life. But you must remember that men do not like women who scold them and push them over the edge. That was his mother’s job, not yours. Be a woman who is caring and nurturing all the time but never be too clingy and overly controlling.

2. Show him that being with you is fun – All the giddy feeling men get when they see a pretty girl do get old in time. They do get bored if a woman only talks about shoes and bags. They want girls that they can have fun with. If he runs, try putting on a pair of running shoes. You don’t have to be a pro in the same stuff he does but being someone he can share his interests with will likely spark his attention. What’s more is that you need to give him a reason for him to ditch his crew on a Saturday drinking night and spend time with you.

3. Cook for him or at least order him a pizza – The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This has been encoded in his DNA. Men like, no LOVE FOOD. If you can’t really cook try mastering at least one dish say a steak! You can watch YouTube videos to learn how to. I know that most women now believe that they should not be confined to old notions and stuff like that, but this is a sure fire way to get a man to notice you, A LOT.

4. Be mysterious – Men are hunters. They want conquest and they get bored easily if everything is laid in front of them with no need to do anything. Men like women who are angels and devils rolled into one. They don’t like women who are one faceted. Don’t text him too much, he will get tired of you. Try to be a bit of a catch. Be the girl he can’t enough of because there is something about you that he could not put his finger on. Have a life. Don’t put all your time and attention into chasing him.

5. Spend time with him – Don’t be scared that he will treat you like a buddy, yes he will be familiar with you but allow him to discover the little things about you that make you amazing. Allow him to see you with no makeup. Be the person whom he can run to in times of pain and sorrow. You can be both the girl he trusts and the girl he falls in love with. Men are likely to fall for women who they see as dependable.

6. Be yourself – Yeah this is an old, used and abused cliché but men hate fakes. Don’t act like a person who you clearly are not just to impress him. In the end if ever you make him fall for you, he will find out and detest you and vice versa.

7. Smell Nice – It has been proven that our sense of smell is directly linked with our sense of love and emotions. We associate good memories to the smells we have had, Find out what kind of scents he likes. Men normally gravitate towards the smell of vanilla since this scent links to the smell of food, which as you know men love. Try to stay away from those too overwhelming scents that make people have a hissing fit from smelling it. Too floral or too fruity scents turn men off. This scents are great if they are light and combined with other notes. Always shower and smell fresh. Keep your hair clean and smelling good.

8. Use Subtle Touches – Men clearly associate touching to sex and intimacy. They also associate this with closeness and belongingness. Touch his arm, shoulder and knee and brush your hand to his. This sends signals to his brain that you are someone who he can be close to. Men see this as being more open and that you are not defensive. Men normally fear rejection so this subtle signs do allow him to zone in more into you. On the other hand, don’t overdo it since men man see you as easy to get and cheap.

9. Be sweet – Well this is an age old secret. Men still fall for the sweet and caring girl. This is the woman who he can bring to his house and be proud to introduce to his mom and family. This is the woman who gives him small stuff like his favourite hamburger or picking up his laundry. A woman can be sweet by just offering help with his work or asking him if he also wants coffee.

10. Be sexy – Well yeah sweetness get a man but if you are sexy, you can have him in the palm of your hand any time. Men gravitate towards women who ooze sex appeal in them. You don’t need to be a size 0 to be this girl, you just have to work your assets. Wear clothes that flatter your body. Try wearing sexy shorts but a long-sleeved shirt on top. Try mixing modestly with sexiness. But remember you’re not a hooker, don’t act like one.

Getting a man to fall for you may be a difficult business but you can do it. Men are beings of logic, but they also have emotions. They also long for love and you have to show him that you are that girl that he has to fall in love with. I hope my tips has helped you out!