10 Ways of Getting Your Ex Back

Breakups are nasty. No one wants to have a broken heart. If you’ve ever been in that situation where you just felt that you want to get your ex back then here are a few tips to help you out.

You and your ex broke for a reason. And you need to know why you broke up and find out if there is still any hope to get your relationship back.

How To Get Your Ex Back?

Getting your ex back requires techinique, patience and dedication. Many books have been written on how to get your ex back. Hundreds of advice have been thrown on the internet to tell you how to get your ex back. But there is just one simple truth about this, does your ex still think about you?

If your ex still thinks about you, then it means you still have a chance. If your ex moved on and erased you from his or her life then your chances are slimmer. But don’t lose hope, because you’ve once shared love, and you can still make them want you back.

1. Communicate – In order for your ex to want you back, you have let him or her know that you still exist. Don’t be a stalker though, that’s creepy. Try to let them know that you’re still someone they can talk to. Drop them a line here and there to say hi. Send them some food or coffee. Do something to make your presence known.

2. Apologize – If you want your ex back you need to put your pride aside. You need to realize that love does not hold grudges. It does not matter who was wrong. You need to make amends.

3. Hangout in their circle – If your ex knows you’re still alive, and he or she sees you here and there, there is a higher chance of getting him or her back. Try to hang out with your common friends. Go to the places you both like. Try not look like you’re stalking them though.

4. Get your life together – Looking like a wet blanket is a big turn off. No one wants to date a person who looks like they are desperate. Get your act together. Have a life. Don’t look like a homeless person or a psycho.

5. Be mysterious – Ok this one is tricky. A lof of self help books tell this bit. They advise you to try something to be mysterious. Like do something new. Impress your ex like travel or do something you did not do before. Make them wonder about you.

6. Give them some space – Let them be for a bit. Don’t try to force them to come back right away. That’s a big no-no. No one wants to get back together when there is just so much hate.

7. Tell them how you feel – There is nothing better than being honest. Say sorry and then tell them that you want them back.

8. Ask them out and put some effor into it – Invite them to dinner. Cook a meal for them. Show them that gettng back with you would be the right decision.

9. Do something silly for them – Ok try one of those things where you put a banner on the side of the building and try to ask them back. Make an effort. Effort is king.

10. Be honest – The best way to get your ex back is by being honest. You need to tell them you want them back. You need to say sorry. You need to make them feel like you really do want them.

Be Prepared

Ok, there is just no guarantee that you can get your ex back. I know that’s harsh. But you need to understand that life will go on. You need to be prepared just in case they don’t want you back. You may have messed them up big time and so they don’t want to cross paths with you anymore. Or they may already be in another relationship. Don’t try to get them back if they cheated on you as well. Because they will surely do it again.

Give yourself the self-respect you need to walk away if your ex does not take you back anymore.