10 Ways to Overcome Jealousy

Being in a relationship is wonderful. You feel like you are in cloud nine when you first start it out. You see things through rose colored glasses. But sometimes the green monster creeps in and you feel jealousy.

A bit of jealousy is healthy, however a lot of it can drive you mad. You can be filled with stress to the point of being unable to sleep. Sometimes you just want to live a normal life but once jealousy goes into your heart, you turn into this detective always trying to snoop around trying to catch your partner.

Overcoming Jealousy

Jealousy can ruin your relationship, your happiness and your life. It can turn the sanest person into the craziest b*tch. It can make you do crazy things just because it takes control of your whole being.

Overcoming jealousy can be tough, but it is possible. It may need some effort and a huge dose of will power but it can be done. All you need to do is to choose a life free of jealousy.

1. Find out why you are jealous – In order for you to address jealousy, you need to first find out the reason for your jealousy. Are you jealous because in the past, your partner did something unacceptable? Are you jealous because previous relationships did not work and thus you cannot trust people around you any more? Or are you jealous because you feel that there is something wrong?

When you find out why you become jealous, you can know how to address the problem.

2. Build trust – The best way to avoid feeling jealous is by being in a relationship that has trust in it. But how do you do this? First is to get to know your partner well. By this I don’t mean snooping around his things and trying to unlock his phone. By getting to know your partner I mean you have to know how he thinks, what he likes and how he really is. If you know a person well, then you can trust him or her.

3. Spend quality time together – One of the reasons why people get jealous is because they don’t spend any time with their partners. They just take each other for granted because they are busy. By spending some time together, you cement trust into your relationship. It doesn’t matter if it’s face to face or even if you are in an LDR, you can still have quality time together.

If you are in an LDR, try to spend thirty minutes to an hour talking to each other. Yes, you have to do this because you need to spend some time together. If you are in a relationship where you can spend actual time together, then do so. Make it a point to hang out.

4. Don’t badmouth your partner – If you start telling all the bad stuff about your partner to your friends or relatives, you will start to have negative thoughts about him or her. Yes there are going to be things about him or her that you don’t like but you don’t need to ruin his name to your friends. They will just tell you more negative things about him to go with what you say and hence this can damage your relationship.

5. Stop being a detective – You may say you trust your partner, but if you snooping about and trying to go into his Messenger or his phone, you just show how neurotic you are. The more you snoop around, the more you get jealous.

6. Do your own thing – People who live a happy and well rounded life have no time to be crazy and jealous. They have a lot do and don’t need to stalk their partners. Spend time with your friends. Have a fun hobby. Focus on your career growth. Do something that makes you feel happy and alive.

7. Heal your heart – Most people who tend to be overly jealous have past issues. They have had parents who cheated on the other parent. They’ve had a partner who broke their hearts. Before you can fully trust another, you need to first heal your heart.

8. You are beautiful. PERIOD! – A lot of times girls get jealous because they feel they are not pretty. Men get jealous because they think another man has more money or a better career than them. But you are good enough. You are beautiful. You are worth it.

9. Communicate – If you feel that there is something is wrong, talk to your partner. Don’t nag, talk. If he or she has nothing to hide he will be honest with you. Believe him, do not accuse the person. Stop having shouting matches.

10. Know when to be jealous – Sometimes it’s OK to be jealous. When you know he’s a cheater then leave him. It’s not worth your sanity to be bitter and jealous. If he keeps you feeling jealous, then this relationship is not for you.

Jealousy or Relationship

Jealousy can really ruin your life. It turn your once peaceful life into a load of sleepless nights. It can cause havoc to your sanity and even your health.

In the end, it is your choice, to have jealousy or to keep the relationship. If your partner is not worth trusting, then leave. If you don’t know how to trust because you’re so damage, leave. Don’t ruin your life, and don’t ruin someone else’s life because you’re too jealous.