10 Cool Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day



In a few days the Day of Hearts will arrive. Couples all googly eyed will be going to flower shops, chocolateries and confectionary shops, jewelry stores and stuffed toy aisles. All these are great gifts because it’s really the thought that counts. On the other hand, you can wow your Valentine by giving him or her something different or something with a personal touch.

  1. Bake a cake – It doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman, baking a cake for someone is truly romantic. The cake does not even have to look too beautiful… You can just bake the cake, follow the instructions from a book or the internet, skip the frosting or just use cream cheese with sugar and use M&M’s to write down your message. It may sound difficult, but it’s not. Baking cake does not need kneading; all you need to do is just mix all the dry stuff first and then all the wet stuff and then put them together and stick it in a preheated oven.

It’s really romantic because it’s a sweet treat and you made it.

  1. A Bunch of Balloons with Messages – You can either buy some pre-blown up balloons from a party store or have them make messages on them or you can buy a bunch of uninflated balloons and blow them up with a small pump if you have one. You can write your messages in small bits of paper and you’re date can start popping the balloons to read the messages or you can tape a small card on the balloon itself or at the bottom of the string (if the balloon is helium filled so it can fly).
  2. A Personalized Booklet of Vouchers – Well this can be a pretty special one. You can use it for either someone you just met or someone you’ve been with forever. For newly dating couples or for someone who you’ve only dated once, you can put down something like: “Free Coffee!! Delivered to your office desk, so you don’t need to hurry!” For couples who have been together for a long time, you can put a voucher for “I will cook for you today” o4r “30 Minute Back Massage”.
  3. A “Mix Tape” – This may sound really old and cheesy but you can make a modern version of a mix tape. You can download songs and save them into a flash drive or cd of messages you’d want to tell that special someone. You can also put songs that both of you have listened to or something you know he or she likes.
  4. A Hand Drawn Greeting Card – Yes, your drawing skills maybe no better than a six-year-old’s but it’s really sweet to see a card which is hand made. You can buy cardboard paper or craft paper from the book store. Fold it in half or in four. Draw something on the front and then write your message. In this day and age of technology, nothing spells romantic than a personalized handmade letter.
  5. A Scrapbook – Now this one maybe more for the seasoned partners, though newly dating ones can do this too but just don’t go overboard. For couples who have had lots of memories together, putting it all in a scrapbook maybe a great way to remind him or her that you really value your memories.
  6. A Picnic Basket – It’s not just Yogi Bear that likes picnic baskets, your date may love it too! This gift can have the stuff that you would need for a great picnic date. You can make a cute Sharpe/marker lettering on the blanket to say your sweet message.
  7. Something personal – Give him or her something you know he or she will truly love. For example if he likes to do DIY, why not give him a set of tools or if she is a booklover give her a book she is dying to read.
  8. Couple Shirts – Yeah this is the ultimate cheesiness, but it is really romantic. I mean you guys would be wearing a shirt with messages like “He is Mr. Right” and “She is Ms./Mrs. Always Right”. Hehehe…
  9. A Personalized Item – You can give a personalized coffee mug, towel, pen; the choices are endless. It is a wonderful gift because it means you value that person a lot and that knowing what he or she likes matter to you. You can personalize almost everything.

There are so many creative gifts that you can give this V-day. The choices are endless. You still do the tradition