10 Ways To Save On Christmas Gifts for Your Sweet Heart

bag-gypsofilia-seeds-1716747_640Love is all about showering your partner with gifts both from the heart and in kind. It is about sharing what you have with the person who is dearest to you. But at times, giving gifts can be problematic if you don’t have a lot of money. You may want to give the world to the person you love but if you don’t have enough cash it may be a problem.

Gift Tips

So here are a few tips to help you out with giving Christmas gift to the person you love without breaking the bank.

1. Make your own gift – Well the best ever tip is the tip that has been said through time and time again – MAKE YOUR OWN GIFT. It can be as simple as making a collage of your pictures with a poem in the middle. You can make a pop-up box with pictures of your special moments. You can draw or paint a funny picture. Your imagination can go wild.

10 Best Hand Made Gifts

1. Scrapbook

2. A Poem

3. A drawing you made, does not have to be perfect

4. Coupons of Love – you can make a booklet with the stuff you want to do for you honey

5. A quilt

6. Hand-mug for your coffee lover sweetie

7. A shirt with your own drawing (use some sharpies made for clothes)

8. Baked goodies

9. Embroidered towels

10. A giant photo of the two of you.


2. Ask your babe to a dinner at the park – You can set up a picnic by candlelight at the park and just have a very romantic date together.


3. Be a smart shopper – You don’t really need to spend too much money when you know where to buy and when to buy your gifts. You can buy on big sales such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday. You can check out helpful websites for such sales and discounts. Or you can also go to places such as TK Maxx or Argos to get the sale you need to get the perfect gift you want.

4. Try to visit flea market – Flea market finds are like gold. They are inexpensive but have a lot of character. You can find one of a kind gifts there.

5. Give your honey a massage – Watch YouTube and learn really good massage techniques and wow your honey with your at home spa treatment

6. Buy your gift in advance – Sometimes if you buy last minute, you are in a rush and you have not time to compare prices. If you buy in advance you may be able to get a lower price because you’ve done it way before the Christmas rush.

7. Look for deals online – The internet is the place to be for deals and coupons. You can find a lot of deals online and discounts here and there.

8. Ask you partner what he or she wants – I mean if you ask them what they want you’d have a better idea what it is you can do to save money for their gift

9. Save – OK, I know you may not have thought about this but if you really want to buy something special you might want to skip going to Starbucks everyday and just make your own coffee at home or forget about the pricey games you want to buy for your PlayStation or Xbox and allot the money for your partner’s Christmas gift

10. Be creativeBeing creative will save you lots of money while you still wow your babe. You can get freebies from companies like makeup brands if you write to them or you can get plushies online if you join surveys. Look for coupons. You can always buy something simple and put in much effort like preparing dinner or setting up a picnic.

Christmas is All About Love

Christmas is all about love, you it may be about gifts and parties and celebrations but the point is sharing the love. Shower your partner with kindness and sweetness and make him or her breakfast in bed or wake them up with a note and a coffee.

Show your love so that no matter what the price tag of your gift is, you can be sure that he or she loves it and loves you much!

NOTE: Edited September 2017 to reflect updated links