Well have you ever been to a date and you felt that there was a spark but the guy just never called you back? Or if you’re a guy, did the girl ever reply to your texts? You have probably thought about why the hell did this person who seemed nice and all that suddenly dropped from the face of this earth and now just doesn’t want to do anything with you.

Sometimes your date did not call or text you back just because you did not click. But other times, your date did not message you or text you because they got turned off by something you did on your date.

10 Things That Turn Off Your Date

I know you are lovely and you have dazzling personality that can make anyone fall for you right? Wrong. OK, so you are this really great person. You have a great personality but aside from that you also have some idiosyncrasies that ward people off from staying with you.

In the dating scene, specially if the person is looking for more than a hook up, he or she will stay away from frogs to get to the prince or the princess.

1. Talking too much – The first thing most people do on a date is to talk. But they forget that at times they start to blabber. With the help of a few glasses of your favorite cocktail or wine, you can turn from a shy type to a talkshow host.

No one really wants a blabber mouth because they tend to be annoying. They tend to talk too much about themselves to appear interesting. However too much talking backfires.

2. Coming off too sexy/sexual – Sex sells. But you are not for sale. If you want a guy or a girl to drool over you, fine be sexy. But if you over do it, they might just bolt. They may think your some sort of a sex starved person who will jump in bed with anyone. If you barely know the person, don’t use sex just to get him or her interested. If sex does happen, it should be real and genuine and there should a connection.

3. Being too indecisive – OK so your date asks you where you guys would be going. And you just say “Anywhere is fine”. Well anywhere is not fine. Why, because you might hate the place which he chooses. You have to speak your mind and have a plan. I mean, it’s a big turn off to date someone who does not know anything. Smart is sexy.

4. Eating like a supermodel – People eat, that normal. You don’t need to faint from just eating leaves all night. If you want that pasta or cheeseburger, go ahead and get it girl. You are an independent beautiful woman who can eat what she wants. If you’re a guy you don’t need to just eat the lean stuff just to show to the girl you’re so buff and health conscious. Yes health is wealth but no one wants a person who is a total fake on a date

5. Being a total fake – OK you can be the best actor or actress in the world but people can see if you are a fake. You can’t pretend that you are the most fabulous person in the world. You are you and that is awesome but you don’t need to fake who you really are just to sound cool and chill. If you don’t like something say it. But remember to be polite as well.

6. Trying hard to look cute – Come on, you are not a baby, you can be cute but please don’t take this way too much literally. No one wants to date a baby, unless their a psychopath. Don’t talk in a baby voice and don’t try to make cute faces all the time. Stop throwing corny jokes if you know they are corny. Remember this is a date, you are not yet in a relationship.

7. Being a BITCH/DOUCHE BAG – OK this is pretty much a given, if you act bitchy or if you act like an a*s no one will want to hangout with you. Even if you don’t like your date, it does not give you the license to treat them like dirt. On the other hand if you like your date, then behave. Don’t treat the staff of the restaurant like servants. I know you may want to impress your date but being a high strung, hard to please person is not the way to go.

8. Not sharing the bill – If you are man, you need to let the girl pay her share if she wants to. I know you are trying to be chivalrous but she might find it insulting that you don’t want her to pay. If she says OK then fine but if not offer to pay but if she wants to share let her.

On the other hand, ladies, a man is not an ATM machine, you should not make him pay for everything. You are not a gold digger so you

9. Talking about Politics – Politics, religion, and other sensitive issues are off the hook. I mean this is already given but sometimes we fall in the trap of wanting to sound smart that we just can’t help ourselves but talk about it. Stay away from this topics at all costs.

10. Being clingy -If you’re just dating don’t act like you are in a relationship. This is a really big turn off. No one wants a person who just ties them down even at the start of the dating process. Don’t text or call too much if the other person is not texting or calling. When it comes to communication, it should be a two way process. So you need to contact each other if both parties are willing. A simple text asking “What’s up?” should be enough. Wait for a reply. If there is none then don’t pester the other person.

Final Thoughts

OK so these stuff are pretty basic. I’m just saying this because sometimes it’s good to remind people. People are people they will perceive you and see you differently from how you see yourself. You need to show some manners and you need to be a great catch yourself for you to find that great catch, OK?